Rashmi Adi-Brown

“The other day I was working on a proposal, and I really need to have someone look it over and give me some feedback...In less than a minute, I had access to several people who do similar-type work who were able to give me feedback. You just can’t put a price on something like that.” - bizlex.com

Erica Lynne Cook

"The calming, yet energizing space allows for creativity and inspiration to flourish. The space is great. The people are great. But don't take my word for it; come see for yourself." - Facebook.com/plantory

Angela Baldridge

"...the Plantory operates on the principle that knowing people and just being with people is the basis for getting good ideas going.  That ambiance, that flavor of what's lived daily, gets passed around the Plantory." - www.kentucky.com

Gail Koehler

"...what the Plantory does is so much more than just provide space. They’ve created this thriving community for nonprofit workers that gives you motivation to carry out whatever your mission is.” - bizlex.com

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