VISTA Leader


The Plantory AmeriCorps VISTA Leader position is unlike any other member position within our Cohort.  While members are typically assigned to a specific community organization external to the Plantory AmeriCorps office with a specific set of performance measures related to that site, the VISTA Leader position is housed within the Plantory AmeriCorps office and serves alongside the Plantory AmeriCorps staff to provide support, mentorship, and coordination to a group of the Plantory AmeriCorps VISTA members while also having opportunities to be involved in building and sustaining national service in Lexington, Kentucky.  This is a fantastic opportunity for an individual with interests in non-profit and government leadership.

Rashad H.jpeg
(Vista Leader Rashad Hayden on zoom
assisting a VISTA member Virtually)

The VISTA Leader provides direct support for both VISTA members and the Plantory VISTA program overall and is the first point of contact for VISTA member questions, including questions about reporting, VISTA benefits, all-corps events, and resources. They also may be required to mediate potential member conflicts, escalating them to appropriate leadership when necessary. The VISTA Leader is responsible for compiling member-submitted monthly reports to the Program Director and addressing any reporting issues as they arise with support of the Program Director when applicable. The VISTA Leader is primarily responsible for conducting bi-annual site visits with VISTA members as well as the recruitment of the following year’s VISTA corps. Throughout the year, the VISTA Leader will be included in all the Plantory AmeriCorps staff meetings and events, including the planning of all-corps events such as orientations, retreats, corps meetings, and service days, and will have the opportunity to help strategically develop the VISTA program by building the capacity of services offered.

VISTA Leader Core Activities
– VISTA Member Recruitment
– Site Visits & Member Support
– Event Coordination
– Performance Log Support and Data Collection
– VISTA Member Storytelling

Rashad Hayden, is a 2nd term VISTA Leader, a Berea College graduate, and a Birmingham, Alabama native.

VISTA Leader Monthly Newsletters: 

(Learn about what's going with our VISTA program through Lexington and surrounding counties. Read about our VISTA Spotlight each month. Find out about past alumni VISTA members and hear stories from our community sites) 


VISTA Leader Benefits

AmeriCorps VISTA Members receive modest benefits to help them throughout their year of service. VISTA benefits are managed at the Federal level, but we have compiled them here for your reference.

  • A modest living allowance of up to $15,800.85 distributed bi-weekly over the course of a year or $606.06 (before taxes).

  • AmeriCorps VISTA Health Care Allowance or Benefit Plan to reimburse members for out-of-pocket expenses related to their health insurance.

  • Health insurance premium subsidy paid by program for members who are covered by a Bronze, Silver, or Gold plan in the health insurance marketplace ( and are not already covered by a parent, spouse, Medicaid, Medicare, or Military healthcare benefits.

  • Education Award of $6,345 (2021-2022) after completion of service term (1 year) or a $3,000 end-of-service stipend.

  • Relocation & Close-of-Service travel allowance up to $1,000 if moving more than 50 miles from your home to serve.

  • Settling-In Allowance of up to $750 (must be requested).

  • 20% discount in tuition for Carson Newman’s online MBA in Nonprofit Leadership program.

  • VISTA Leader professional development allowance of $650 to use during the year of service.

  • One (1) year of non-competitive eligibility in federal hiring upon completion of your service term.

  • Childcare reimbursement.

  • Worker’s compensation.

  • 160 hours of leave.

  • 16 paid holidays.

  • Access to TeleDoc, a virtual healthcare resource.

  • Loan deferment/forbearance for qualifying federal student loans.

  • May be eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  In-house SNAP benefits specialist available to provide assistance in determining eligibility.

  • May be eligible for utility bill assistance.  In house specialists available to provide assistance with determining eligibility.

  • Professional development and training opportunities.

  • Access to an engaged base of Alums in the region.

Who Can Apply?

The Plantory AmeriCorps Office views the VISTA Leader role in the office as formal leadership role within the office and offers priority consideration for this role to members who have completed at least one term of service with either the Plantory AmeriCorps’ VISTA or Environmental program and have demonstrated exceptional promise for leadership within a national service context.  Non-Plantory AmeriCorps alums may also qualify, but must also have completed at least 1 previous term of national service with VISTA, State/National, or NCCC, or have completed a term of Peace Corps service.  All applicants must have excellent references from their previous national service experience(s).