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Lauren K. Weinberg

Humanitarian Awards

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Congratulations 2019 Weinberg Humanitarians!

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3 cups


Black Soil:

Our Better Nature


Josh Nadzam


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Latino Leadership College Experience Camp


Left to Right: Josh Nadzam, Trevor Claiborn & Ashley Smith of Black Soil: Our Better Nature, Daishyera GarnerAkemmy Bucio DimasEdith CruzOmar Salinas-ChacónErin Howard, and Jesenia Rosalyn Avila of Latino Leadership College Experience Camp.

Weinberg Humanitarian Award

Since 1950, we've given the Lauren K. Weinberg Humanitarian Award to individuals and organizations whose dedication and service to our community promote respect, understanding, and tolerance among all people.


Humanitarian honorees envision a world where all human beings are of full and equal worth, live in safe, sustainable communities, and can enjoy the full range of life’s benefits. Our event is an opportunity to celebrate leaders in the field of community justice and to come together to celebrate hard work, creativity, and making the world a better place for all.

Lauren's Legacy

Lauren K. Weinberg served the Bluegrass Region for 13 years as the Executive Director of the National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ), which later became the Kentucky Conference for Community and Justice and then the Plantory. Lauren developed highly effective and publicly acclaimed youth programs.


Throughout her life, she worked tirelessly to destroy the barriers that separate and divide us based on race, religion, culture, and ethnicity. She demonstrated a deep understanding and concern for others in all facets of her life. Lauren always looked beyond the surface of a person, to recognize not only their uniqueness but also what they held in common with others.

The Humanitarian Awards honor individuals and organizations like Lauren, who fight for equality and social justice.

List of Humanitarians

1950 Dr. A.W. Fortune
1951 David Ades,  Dr. Robert Miles,  Rev. George O’Brien,  Dr. Herman Donovan 

1957 Mrs. Preston Johnson,  Marguerite McLaughlin,   Robert Hogan,   Herschel Weil 

1959 Maurice Hymson,   Tom Riley,   Theda Van Low,  Dean M. M. White 

1960 Andrew Hagan,   Dr. Bush Huster,   Dr. Sherman Miller 

1961 Rabbi Joseph Rosembloom 

1962 Dr. Irvin Lunger 

1963 Rev. Robert Estill 

1964 Mrs. William Massie 

1965 Paul Oberst 

1966 Dr. Irving Gail 

1967 Mrs. A. Lee Coleman 

1968 Harry Sykes 

1969 Joe Graves 

1970 Neighborly Organization of Women, IBM Corporation, Ben Story, Jr 

1971 Fayette County Public Schools: Julie Owens, Virgil Covington, Jr., Mary Brown, Richard Green, Jack Isaacs, William Martin, Edythe Hayes, Louie Mack 

1974 Tommy Bell 

1975 Dr. Otis Singletary 

1976 Albert Clay 

1978 Mrs. Ben Coleman, Rev. Bob Brown, Mrs. James Frankel, Rev. T. E. Hoppenjans 

1979 Ernest Hatfield, Robert R. Jefferson, Marilyn K. Moosnick, Franklin B. Moosnick, William F. Wagner 

1981 Robert H. Hillenmeyer 

1982 Mim Hunt, Mrs. Ruth S. Roach, Dr. Ben F. Roach, William L. Turner 

1983 Rev. A. B. Lee, Irma S. Rosenstein, Harriet Van Meter 

1984 Laleah Logan, William H. Smith, Brereton C. Jones, Berea College 


1985 Abby Marlatt, Edward F. Prichard, Jr. Stanley I. Rose 


1986 Linda Harvey, Robert A. Slone, Maurice Strider 


1987 Rev. Hal S. Daniell, Jr., Dr. Claude Wilkes Trapp


1988 Mayor Scotty Baesler Sr., Michael Leo Mullaney


1989 Michael L. Ades, Monsignor Ralph W. Beiting  

1990 Dr. William C. Parker, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, USA


1991 Baby Health Service, Sandford T. Roach 

1992 Mary Birenbaum, Laura Babbage, Bob Babbage 

1993 William and Connie Collis, Don W. Byars, II 

1994 Debra A. Hensley, P.G. Peeples 

1995 Dr. M. Glynn Burke, The Fayette County Public School Equity Task Force: Rev. Dana Jones, Barbara Carter, Rev. Peter Casparian, Tim Haymaker, Mary Wells, Porter G. Peeples, Arnold Gather, William R. Lane, Rhenzi Keys 

1996 Rose Rita Wurmser, Jerry Wurmser, Rona Roberts, Steve Kay
1997 Catherine Warner, Lyle Hanna, George Zack
1998 C.M. Newton, William H. Wilson 

1999 Larry Johnson, Roy P. and Juanita Betz Peterson, Thomas L. Young, MD

2000 Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership of The Prichard Committee For Academic Excellence, Richard W. Franklin, St. Joseph Hospital Mobile Clinic 

2001 Community Ventures Corporation, Nancy Jo Kemper 

2002 William R. Embry, Jr., Representative Kathy Stein 

2003 Employment Solutions, Richard Mitchell 

2004 Rev. Bob Brown, Ben Figureras 

2005 Arnold Gaither, Gloria Rie, Orlando Tubby Smith
2006 Ernesto Scorsone, Bluegrass Community and Technical College 

2007 Georgetown College, Msiba Ann Beard Grundy, Chester Grundy, Pat Smith 

2008 Catholic Action Center, Larry Connor, George Privett, MD
2009 Anthany and Eunice Beatty, Lexmark International, Inc. 

2010 Nathaniel United Methodist Mission, Seedleaf, Inc. 

2011 Reel World String Band, Frank X. Walker 

2012 Nursing Home Ombudsman Agency of the Bluegrass, Merlene Davis 

2016 Blue Grass Community Foundation, Tanya Torp   

2017 Lexington Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission, Tracy Jacobson


2018 Take Back Cheapside, Ouita Michel, Devine Carama

2019 Latino Leadership College Experience Camp, Black Soil: Our Better Nature, Josh Nadzam

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