The Plantory supports capacity-building in the nonprofit sector through a partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service and VISTA. Our project is designed to support the sustainable growth and collaboration of organizations from different nonprofit sectors that are working to fight the causes and effects of poverty in Lexington, KY. In year one, we placed 14 AmeriCorps VISTA members with agencies around Lexington, KY. We are in our third year and the program has grown to support 27 VISTA placements. Those members commit to a year of full-time service to support the growth and development of their host agency. They work together to improve food access, housing, education, and economic development opportunities on a micro and macro level in Lexington. Ultimately, we hope that this project will result in robust interagency relationships and foster cross-sector collaboration so that we have a stronger, more unified and multifaceted approach to fighting poverty.


Your sponsorship allows a local organization to get support from an AmeriCorps VISTA, who will serve full-time with their organization for one year (stipend and benefits paid) to help with program development, outreach/marketing, infrastructure development, volunteer recruitment/training/management, and/or fundraising. Our team has raised over a million dollars for local nonprofits in the first three years, so your support will have a strong impact in helping improve sustainability of local organizations.

VISTA sponsorship

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