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AmeriCorps Week 2019 (March 10-16, 2019) is a celebration of all things AmeriCorps – from the programs and organizations that make this national service initiative possible in thousands of locations, to the members who have pledged to “Get Things Done” since the program’s inception in 1994.

The Plantory hosts one of the largest and most impactful AmeriCorps VISTA programs in Kentucky, something that we are very proud to say!

During AmeriCorps Week, our VISTA members will share their "AmeriStory" -- a story that shows the impact AmeriCorps VISTA has on both the communities they serve here in Lexington and their lives.

Learn more about AmeriCorps VISTA & our program, and stick around for our VISTA members' stories!


of the AmeriCorps VISTA cohort where help fight POVERTY!!!

(859) 255-6999
Old National Bank Building
110 W. Vine St, Suite 415
Lexington, KY 40507
Entrance is at High St. & Upper St.

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