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This Week: The Weinberg Humanitarian Awards; Corporate Parterships in a Changing Economy; American Water Environmental Grants; Input for Cash

The Weinberg Awards:

The Plantory is excited to announce this year’s finalists for the Lauren K. Weinberg Humanitarian Awards. The for fifty years these awards have recognized one outstanding humanitarian and one organization in the Lexington area whose dedication and service to our community promote respect, understanding, and tolerance among all people. In 2018 we are excited to add a Social Enterprise Award that recognizes a creative leader who addresses social justice through a unique business model.

This year’s finalists include Devine Carama and Jeremy Porter in the individual category, Ouita Michel and Dan Wu in the entrepreneur/enterprise category, and Glean KY, Take Back Cheapside, Community Inspired Solutions, and Independence Place in the organization category. The winners will be announced during the awards ceremony and cocktail reception from 6 to 8 p.m. on Friday, February 23rd at the Dr. Thomas Hunt Morgan House at 210 North Broadway in Lexington, KY.

This will be a great chance to meet people from the community who value social justice and respectful communities, to support the Pantory, and to introduce yourself and your organization to new people. Information and tickets starting at $50.00 are available at https://goo.gl/LoztwP or by the old fashioned way of dropping by the front desk and talking to somebody.

Corporate Partnerships:

The world of corporate giving is undergoing transitions due to economic impact, the speed of rumors and facts on social media, and new tax laws. One result is that corporations may well find less leverage in traditional tax deduction based giving to multiple organizations. More and more emphasis appears to be shifting to community or purpose based long term partnersships. That is both good and bad. Here is a really interesting short, targeted article from Grant Space.


American Water Environmental Grants

Kentucky American has release the application for the 2018 cycle of its Environmental Grant Program. The grants offer funding up to $5000 for innovative, community-based environmental projects that improve, restore or protect the watersheds, surface water and groundwater supplies in our local communities. Applications are due by March 6th and projects must be completed between May 1 and November 30 of 2018. Full information and application details can be found at:


Input for Cash: And by the way, my offer of a small cash donation to their organization to anyone who submits a really great fund raising / development tip or question to my Plantory email that I put in this blog still stands.

David Arnold, AKA Dr. A Plantory Help Desk Member, Board of Directors david@plantory.org

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