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Dr. A’s Trickbag and Stuff for 16 January, 2018

This Week: Weinberg Humanitarian Awards; Co-working; Award for Young Heroes; Process Prototyping;

Weinberg Humanitarian Awards: Save the Date

Each year the Plantory makes the Weinberg Humanitarian Award to an individual and an organization that has made a significant contribution to humanitarian causes in our community. This year we are adding an award for social entrepreneurship. Join us and others in our community who value social and humanitarian progress for cocktails, goodies, and the annual awards on February 23rd. For information check the Plantory facebook page or ask at the front desk.

Co-working Questions

The Plantory is a co-working environment. One of the strengths of such an environment is sharing. So here is a challenge. Looking ahead to the new year I would like to know:

What has been the single most important contribution to your success as an organization that you could share?

What problem or question would you most like help on?

Reply to david@plantory.org by 2 February. I will make a small cash donation to the organization submitting the most interesting and generalizable response in each category, so let me know who you are and if you are willing to have your entry/question published on this blog. Subject Line: Coworking

Every Day Young Hero Award

Everyday Young Heroes are young people, ages 5-25, who are improving their communities through service to others and making significant progress in sustainability. Each week, the YSA Team selects one young person to receive this honor. The chosen youth can have a project that is developed in or outside of the classroom, in conjunction with an organization or religious institution, or can be an initiative or organization they started on his or her own or with their friends. Projects can provide a direct service, be philanthropic, or raise awareness or advocacy around a particular community need. (from website) So nominate somebody.


Design Thinking: Low-fidelity Prototyping

Do you have a process or client tool that just doesn’t seem to be working? One of the key elements of design thinking is testing ideas by the use and comparison of prototypes. Usually this is thought of as being about stuff; chairs, stoves for refugee camps and such. But you can also prototype processes. Low fidelity prototyping uses quick and easy sketch versions to gain insight without costly and possibly premature investment of time, energy or funds or where current processes are failing. Sketch several versions of possible approaches to elements of your existing processes or proposed new ideas things for things you or your clients use such as steps in interpersonal processes or forms. Test them against each other by roll playing or by limited field testing. You may be surprised at how fast you learn things. I once lead a project to do this in a college that accomplished an almost complete revamping of the student registration process with less than a month of work.

David Arnold, AKA DrA Plantory Help Desk Board of Trustees Member


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