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Dr. A’s Trickbag and Stuff: January 10, 2018

This Week: Happy New Year; Guidance for Boards; Positions on Lexington / LFUG Boards and Commissions; Tax Bill and Johnson Amendment.

Happy New Year.

Well, here we go. This promises to be an interesting year in almost every sense of the word. This year I will try to continue the focus on funding sources, opportunities for deliberate organizational growth and effectiveness, and ideas about increasing your public presence and influence. By the way, for those of you who notice this sort of thing, 2018 is a Year of the Dog.

Boards and Board roles

The Plantory is launching the next session in the “Get On Board” series of trustee training workshops. Whether you attend or not, every organization that has a Board of Trustees or Directors and everyone who serves on a board needs to understand the role, responsibilities, and authority of their Board. Here is a great guide from the Office of the Auditor of Public Accounts in the form of 32 concise statements summarizing the responsibilities and authorities of a Board of a pubic or non-profit organization.


LFUCG Board and Commission Opportunities

One way to expand your experience and the reach of your organization is to become involved in public affairs, and a way to do that is through public boards and commissions. Here are some samples of open slots on Boards and Commissions in Lexington:

Commission for People with Disabilities: employment/education advocacy member.

Commission on Veterans’ Affairs: numerous openings including veterans’ service organization representative.

Neighborhood Action Match Program Review Board: general seats.

Social Services Board: general seats.

For information about these openings and other opportunities, go to:


Johnson Amendment apparently survives in tax bill

News accounts state that the final tax bill as reported out of conference does not contain language repealing the “Johnson Amendment.” The Johnson Amendment is the basis of establishing that 501c(3) charitable organizations cannot engage in political lobbying or other direct political action. I have not read the final bill—who has?—but this would represent a major victory for protecting the integrity of non-profit charitable funding. This remains an issue to watch.

David Arnold AKA Dr.A Plantory Help Desk Member, Board of Trusttes david@plantory.org


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