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Trick-bags and Stuff: November 16

Two sources for information on grants for healthy kids and nutrition.

The first, from No Kid Hungry, is a solid looking compilation of relevant grants. The due dates in this list are probably mostly past for this year, but it looks like a good list to work from for planning next year’s campaign.


The second is the Kellogg Foundation. This is a big player, but their one grants aren’t always multi-gazzillion dollar projects. They fund all the way down the food chain rightdown to neighborhoods. This one could well be worth the time to explore their website and grant programs.


Year Ends: Year Begins

Not much left of 2016. As well as thrashing with taxes and annual reports and all that stuff, do not forget to set aside a bit of time to review your fund raising plan and your grant suspense list for next year. If you don’t have a grant suspense list maybe that will be a great project for next year.

KET Connections Broadcast

KET’s show Connections with Renee Shaw recently aired a very interesting interview with David Thompson, Vice President for Public Policy with the National Council of Non-Profits. If you missed it, you can stream the episode on the KET website.

Safety Pins

I saw the chalk drawings on the sidewalk this morning on the way in. In all honesty, I’m not quite sure how to take the safety pin thing or the backlash against it. But what we all have to always be saying to ourselves and our friends is that wearing a pin must be an outward sign of values we live and actions we take. Otherwise it’s just a pin.

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