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In-Kind Support Resources, Story Telling in Organizations, youTube(TM) as Video Library, Trickbag as a Link

In-Kind Support

Here are three interesting links to information about In-Kind support and even to actual access to stuff.

Good360: a national non-profit that links corporations with stuff to non-profits who need stuff. Register for free and get access to asking for support from a box full to a truckload.


Fundly: a blog with list of 90 corporations that have In-Kind support programs and information about their procedures.


ServiceObjects.com: a national database development firm that offers in-kind grants up to $2500 in database/list development.


Telling Stories Will Help to Get Your Story Out

That sounds like an oxymoron, but story telling is a powerful, deliberate form of cultural communication, not just haphazard rambling. And stories, deliberately chosen and portrayed, are data. Formally, they are non-parametric data and their effect can be measured. But in everyday terms, they can be the most powerful way to reach listeners, whether people you are trying to serve or people you are trying to reach as supporters. People tend to listen to and get caught up in the power of a well told story lots faster than they do in a well-crafted Power Point ™

When I was at Midway College, Allison Handley, the President, would tell stories about how she had such good results in direct ask fundraising. She said that she could usually get a foot in the door based on things like the college name or her title or friends who knew friends. But when it came to the final ask, she always took a Midway student with her. Why? Because a student could be the most persuasive direct voice in telling the story of why the money was important and the donor’s support could accomplish directly on the ground. I’ve never forgotten those stories and that lesson.

There’s lots on the web about this, but here is one link. Click through to the full Bridgespan article.


youTube(TM) as a Training Library

No time or money for professional workshops? Check out topics like fund raising or donor development or grant writing on youTube. You will be amazed at how much solid professional content, from TedTalks to multi-part seminars are there for the watching.

The Trickbag as a Link

Do you have an upcoming event, a successful project, or just a question that you would like to share with other Plantory folks? Drop me a line at david@plantory.org, subject line In The Bag, and I will try to work it in I almost always write these things on Wednesday mornings; usually at one of the “Window Offices” in the kitchen area.

David Arnold, AKA DrA Plantory Help Desk Resource Development and Strategic Thinking Member, Board of Trustees


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