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Dr.A’s Trickbag and Stuff: 19 July

I’m back after second cataract surgery and can now, with help of my old-guy reading glasses, see the keyboard again. So here goes…

Required Reading; Business Development Help; An Unexpected Volunteer Resource; Trustee Meeting

Required reading:

Understanding and being able to articulate the scope of non-profits in the greater economy is an important part of being able to advocate for your own mission and for resources. You need to check out the Kentucky Nonprofit Network report “Kentucky Nonprofits: More Than a Charity” which was released in late June.


Yes, you are a business:

You may be a nonprofit, but unless you either independently wealthy or a completely devil-may-care type and are just throwing money around, you are also a business. If this makes you nervous, it might be useful to do a quick thinking check and take a look at the free resources available from the Kentucky Small Business Development Center.


PS: If you fall into the independently wealthy/devil-may-care group, contact me immediately. I can help.

Nice people who might be able to help you:

Lexington Herald Leader, 18 July. The folks at Morning Pointe of Lexington, a senior living community are partnering with local organizations in a program called “Make Your Mark.” The goal is to allow residents to use their time, talent, and experience to give back 20,000 hours of volunteer service in 2017. Residents just delivered cookies to programs of Arbor Youth Services of Lexington. That sounds like a pretty small thing—unless you need cookies—and I suspect that there is a lot more talent and experience here than just cookies. Only phone number I can find is 859-554-0060.

Plantory Trustee Meeting

The next meeting of the Plantory Board of Trustees is scheduled for next Wednesday. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to drop me a line at david@plantory.org. Remember, we are actively looking for innovative ideas to speed up the funding of the sound mitigation project.

David Arnold, AKA Dr.A Plantory Help Desk: Grant development and strategic thinking Member, Board of Trustees david@plantory.org


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