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Free GED classes, Lexington Environmental Academy (with $2500), Story Corps, Junior League Grant, Getting the Word Out


Blue Grass Community and Technical College will begin offering free GED classes at the Eastside Branch of the Lexington Public Library on March 27th. 859-246-6611


The Lexington Department of Environmental Quality and Public Works will launch a Citizens’ Environment Academy in May. The goal is to increase the effectiveness of citizen engagement with local government in environmental issues. The academy will consist of a variety of workshops, speakers, and tours of local sites. Each participant will be given an allowance of $2500 to contribute towards a project of their choice. Projects will be voted on by the academy and approved, with budget, by the city Applications are accepted through March 31st.


STORY CORPS The PBS oral history project Story Corps will arrive in Lexington on Thursday (16 March) and remain through April 14th. The Story Corps studio a converted Airstream trailer, will be located at Phoenix Park by the main library. For information or to make a reservation for a 40 minute interview, call 1-800-850-4406.


Hanna Smith, one of our top-notch VISTA crew, tipped me about this one. The opportunity to link to an established network of volunteers could be particularly interesting.

The league seeks to fund projects that will be completed in 2018, have a high impact on the Bluegrass, and provide volunteer opportunities for league members. No request is too large o All projects chosen must fit into the League’s focus area of "promoting the quality of life in the bluegrass."

The application window for 2018 grants opened March 1 and will remain open through June 1.



One of the hard things for most of us is getting the word out about what we do, not in the sense of finding clients but rather in the sense of finding friends.

One of the simplest techniques is also, for many of us who are mission and operations focused, is the scariest. Get out and talk about what you do. Who in you organization is your public face to the community? Who looks for opportunities for public speaking? Church groups, PTA organizations, civic clubs, radio and television, neighborhood groups and associations, business organizations, and more are all venues that are available and often looking for speakers.

Speaking in public is the most basic way to find friends, connect to like-minded groups, and – hopefully—find new supporters. You have to get up in front of people and do it. But no, you don’t actually have to imagine the audience in their underwear.

PS: At tip of the hat to everyone who supported or participated in today's On The Table event at the Plantory. WELL DONE!

David Arnold, EdD, AKA Dr.A Plantory Help Desk david@plantory.org


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