Dr. A's Grant Trick Bag

Trickbag for 9 November

GLEAN KY: I suspect that a lot of you drop into Lucky's Market on Harrodsburg Road now and then. If you don't, or if you missed the notice, from now through December they will be donating 10% of sales from their house brand products to our friends at GLEAN KY.

TODAY. I am told that I am the oldest surviving volunteer now with The Plantory. I think Angela means time in service, although maybe she means my age. Anyway, I've been doing this little Wednesday thing for a while now. I missed last week, and I am a bit off my feed today, but I hope it has been useful on occasion. It has been fun for me. I guess I will keep doing it until somebody chases me off.

What I want to say today is not a tip or a trick, but maybe a bit of a shout out. I have a feeling that after today the people who you serve are going to need you and your concern and your actions more than ever as some sort of new future sorts itself out. I am proud to have been a part in some way of the Plantory and by extension what you do. As a volunteer, as a help-desk guy, and now as a member of the Board of Trustees I intend to continue to do what I can and what you ask as best I can.


David Arnold, AKA Dr.A Plantory Help Desk Grant Development and Strategic Management

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