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Grant Trick-Bag and Stuff: 21 September

Some Freebies, AAUW Grant Program, Low-Fidelity Prototyping

Free Tools:

I ran across a couple of interesting free template websites recently; vertex42.com and tidyforms.com. Both sites have a number of free templates, mostly in excel™ that cover a variety of useful areas including project management, event and travel budget planning, and financial planning and statements. If you are looking for some quick tools to standardize processes, you might find something on one of these sites.

AAUW Community Project Grants

The AAUW has an annual program of project grants to fund innovative programs or research that helps promote education and equity for women and girls. The grants range from $2,000 to $7,000 for one year projects and $5,000 to $10,000 for two year projects. The application deadline for grants for projects which start in July of 2017 is January 15, 2017. You can explore this grant program and the application requirements starting with :


Design Thinking: Low-fidelity Prototyping

Do you have a process or client tool that just doesn’t seem to be working? One of the key elements of design thinking is testing ideas by the use and comparison of prototypes. Usually this is thought of as being about stuff; chairs, stoves for refugee camps and such. But you can also prototype processes. Low fidelity prototyping uses quick and easy sketch versions to gain insight without costly and possibly premature investment of time, energy or funds. Sketch out several versions of possible approaches to improved things you or your clients use such as steps in interpersonal processes or forms. Test them against each other by roll playing or by limited field testing. You may be surprised at how fast you learn things. I once lead a project to do this in a college that accomplished an almost complete revamping of the student registration process with less than a month of work.

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