Our Spaces

The Plantory offers a variety of low-cost options for meeting and event space. We recognize that physical space is essential for good, community-minded ideas to take off, and we've got plenty to share! Explore this page to better identify a space that meets your needs. If you still have questions, contact us to schedule a tour! 


Up to 100 People

The Blue Grass Community Foundation Community Room is perfect for conferences, presentations, panel discussions, and parties.

Amenities include: dry erase boards, projector, seating for about 100 people auditorium style, and more!



The Lounge

Up to 150 People

The Lounge is where the party's at! 


This large open area is great for open meetings and training, town halls, casual events, and networking. 


Amenities include: dry erase board, connection to the Moosnick Art Gallery, Wellness Loft, and family restroom.



The Board Room

Up to 15 People

Need a place to hold a board meeting?

The Board Room is the space for you. It's cozy and comes with everything you need to get things done!


Amenities include: dry erase board, TV with HDI hookup for presentations.



*The Lounge and Loft come as a combo for after-hours use, at the rate of $50/hr.


Up to 10 People

The Garage

Need a breath of fresh air and a beautiful view when you work?


The Garage is named after our glass garage door that opens up to 6th & Jefferson. When the weather's nice, it can be opened up to let in the breeze!

**Does not have overhead lighting**

Amenities include: cork wall, garage door, natural light.




Up to 30 People

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is the heart of our home. It's where folks can share a meal, chat about projects, and grab a cup of Magic Beans Coffee. Dinner parties, lunch meetings, and coffee conversations are the ideal use of this space. 

**Does not have an oven***

Amenities include: induction stovetop, sink, service ware, dishwasher, ample counter space, and three refrigerators with freezer.




Up to 20 People

The Loft

Our Wellness Loft features beautiful natural light and hardwood floors. Yoga, Zumba, bodyweight, and group fitness classes are welcomed wellness activities. 

Changing space is available in our family and gender-neutral restrooms.

Amenities include: natural light, hardwood floors, yoga mats and blocks for 10 people, a pair of 50-year-old Philodendron Xanadu plants, and fitness bike. 




Center Bay

Up to 300 People

Have a big after-hours event and need all the room?

You can rent all the spaces in what we call "The Center Bay": the BGCF ($25) & Board ($15) Rooms, the Lounge/Loft combo ($50), and the Kitchen ($25).