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The Plantory, a Connected Community Fighting Poverty, is a project designed to support the sustainable growth and collaboration of organizations from different nonprofit sectors that are working to fight the causes and effects of poverty in Lexington, KY. In year one, we placed 14 AmeriCorps VISTA members with agencies around Lexington, KY. Those members committed a year of full-time service to support the growth and development of their host agency. They worked together to improve food access, housing, education, and economic development opportunities on a micro and macro level in Lexington. We are about halfway through the year, and the VISTA members and their sites have accomplished so much! Because of the success, we will be expanding this program in the coming year, and providing 21 AmeriCorps VISTA members. Ultimately, we hope that this project will result in robust interagency relationships and foster cross-sector collaboration so that we have a stronger, more unified and multifaceted approach to fighting poverty.

What is VISTA?

Americorps VISTA is a long-term volunteer program dedicated to fighting poverty in the U.S. Members dedicate a year of their life to build capacity at an organization and fight poverty in their community. VISTA members generally do not provide direct services, but instead focus their efforts on building the organizational, administrative, and financial capacity of organizations that fight illiteracy, improve health services, foster economic development, and otherwise assist low-income communities. VISTAs develop programs to meet a need, write grants, and recruit and train volunteers.

What is our VISTA program doing?

We currently have VISTA members placed at 14 organizations in Lexington. Our VISTAs are helping efforts toward housing/homelessness, improving education, fighting food insecurity, and contributing to the overall economic development of low-income communities. Our VISTA members have helped their organizations raise over $500,000, recruited over 100 new volunteers, and helped their organizations grow their partnerships in the community.

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