Help Desk

Our help desk service allows people with good ideas for social change to receive professional one-on-one consultation from local experts who volunteer. These volunteers are here to 'teach folks to fish' rather than fishing for them. For example, they are not going to write a grant for a new organization, but they may look over a grant application that group has done and answer specific questions. They won't hand someone a list of applicable grants, but can show that person how to find grants that are a good fit.

Our experts know a lot, from web design, to legal issues related to 501c3, to grant writing, to volunteer management. And if they can't help, we'll find you someone who can. Click here to sign up for the help desk today!

If you are looking for more in-depth hands-on support for a project, we and our partners do offer fee-based services. For more info call 859-255-6999 or email



Sponsorship program


To increase the diversity of agencies, sectors, and leadership represented at the Plantory, we connect donors with small nonprofits who meet factors of diversity. These donors sponsor the organizations for a year or more of incubation at the Plantory, enabling non-traditional founders to establish creative organizations in Lexington to solve problems from a more diverse perspective.

AmeriCorps VISTA

The Plantory hosts 14 VISTA members to support the sustainable growth and collaboration of 14 organizations from different nonprofit sectors that are working to fight the causes and effects of poverty in Lexington, KY. Members are placed with agencies around the city and serve full-time for 1 year. Agencies pay $5500 (or less) to participate, and members are paid a living stipend, and receive a scholarship and benefits. Members work to improve food access, housing, education, and economic development opportunities on a micro and macro level in Lexington. More info at our VISTA page.

Internships and Education


We host approximately 10 interns per year, from high school up to the master’s level. These internships teach youth skills related to marketing, nonprofit management, and business management. We also sponsor, recruit, train, and supervise interns for organizations in our space that need support, but that may not have the capacity or staff to manage interns. Additionally, we accept project requests from our members, so we match your needs with our interns' skills and learning interests to help you get things done. We also host a number of service-learning groups, give field trips and tours, and participate in student-led research projects.

If you're interested in being an intern at the Plantory, please visit our internship page and fill out an online application.

If you're a Plantory member and you're interested in applying for intern support, please fill out our internship request form.

Get On Board

This 10-week board training program, co-sponsored by the United Way, recruits individuals who meet factors of diversity (demographics underrepresented on local boards) and provides 12 weeks of training in how to be an effective board member. Graduates are placed in boards around the city to increase board diversity in our community.

Citizens Planning Academy

We host and sponsor the Fayette Alliance's Citizens Planning Academy. This 8 week program teaches citizens about the history of Lexington’s urban service boundary and explores issues of urban development. Learn more at

Grow 101

This 6-week introduction to the basics of starting an organization begins with the question – do you really want to be a 501c3, and covers basics of organizational management from legal filings, to marketing and fundraising.

Resident Expert Workshops

Our Plantory members provide workshops related to their areas of expertise. With such a diverse variety of talented folks, this schedule changes all the time but check our events calendar for an updated schedule of upcoming workshops.

Youth Entrepreneur Camp

This summer camp program walks youth in urban poverty through the process of conceptualizing and developing a business pitch. Youth get to meet the Secretary of State, travel to see successful businesses, pitch their ideas, and receive funding to launch. Hosted in partnership with the University of Kentucky’s CEDIK program.

Summer Youth Computer Camp

This summer camp gives youth in urban poverty their own laptop, which they learn to take apart and put back together, and repair. They learn basic computer skills and complete an internship with a local nonprofit, for which they receive a stipend. Sponsored by the Junior League.

Lauren K. Weinberg Humanitarian Awards

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate Tanya Torp and the Blue Grass Community Foundation, our 2016 Lauren K. Weinberg Humanitarians!

Since 1950, this award has been given has been given to individuals and organizations, whose dedication and service to our community promotes respect, understanding, and tolerance among all people. Humanitarian honorees envision a world where all human beings are of full and equal worth, live in safe, sustainable communities and are able to enjoy the full range of life’s benefits.

Click here to learn more about Lauren K. Weinberg and our humanitarian awards.